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It's that time! Registration is now open for the snowiest ultimate of the year! Grab your disc and your woolies and come out on Feb 28 - Mar 1. Time to take the game back outside,  where you can layout every point and not worry about turf burn? Take advantage of the opportunity to land into 4' of fluff!

Register Here!

Ultimate   First Winter Game 091

Come join Winter League #2 which runs until April!  Cost is $45.  Same time slot as before - Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm.


Teams are made and games start January 7th!  Log in to see which superhero team you are on!

Welcome to Winter League!  We a thrilled to announce that we have a great time slot this year so we don't have to become nocturnal just to play ultimate!

Time: Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm January 7th - February 18th
Style: based on 40 players, we are aiming to have 4 teams playing 5 on 5 for 40 minute games.  We will play "speedpoint" which means you sub on the fly as opposed to waiting for a point.  After a point the opposing team just plays the disc from where the point happened.  For players just getting into ultimate, it means when you are tired you can sub off right away!  Also, playing 5 on 5 means more chance that everyone will get plenty of action with the disc.

Little Montreal

This Wednesday is your last Ultimate game for fall league. Why not celebrate with your new friends afterwards with a free social event at Little Montreal on Elgin? We will have a spread of free appetizers for all to enjoy! Even if you didn't make all the games, come out! Invite your significant other or a friend too. We're Ultimate people; we just want to have a good time! See you there after the game!