Hello Ultimate Players!  We should be starting summer regisration very shortly!  We are just waiting for the city to sort out who gets what fields and when.  As soon as we know our dates, times, and locations, we'll open up registration.  When you register, you'll need to include the club membership which is $29 and this covers your insurance for the year and gets you a free disc.  We've got brand new full colour discs this year!  Both summer leagues are $59 each.  So if you play only 1 league, then it's $59+$29.  If you want to play both leagues, it's $59+$59+$29.

As soon as we know about fields we'll be posting here, on facebook, twitter, and emailing everyone! It should be hard to miss.

Wow!  I can't believe how excited I am to unveil all the hard work the board has done this spring!  We've got a logo that's out of this world (cheap pun intended), the new website, and some super fancy discs that will make our old ones look like they should be in a Throw-Back-Thursday facebook post!

As you can see from the funny AXE commercial below (click the post heading to see full post), nothing beats an astronaut.  You better start thinking of some pretty stellar (another cheap pun) team names!

I realize that no one will see this until we actually launch the website, but I needed to test anyway.  We are excited to announce that SudburyUltimate.com will now be hosted with Ultimate Central which not only gives us this fantastic looking website, but nicer blogs, better league management, hassle free management, and a host of other features I haven't even found yet.

Come back often for lots of updates!