Prepare for the best summer yet with the choice of three leagues to suit your skills!

Beginners: New this year is a short 4-week league that only beginners can play in!  Get your hands on the disc and get some real play time in!  We have four coaches to help you with throws, catches, strategy and rules.  The league its self is FREE, but you'll need to buy a membership for $29 which gets you your insurance for the year and a free disc.
Check it out here: Monday Night Beginner Ultimate

Social League: Our biggest league is our Wednesday night league with over 100 players.  If you are looking to make friends and go out to Overtime Sports Bar and Grill after, this is the league you want to join.  You also get a team jersey (free if you meet the early bird deadline).  It's meant for ALL skill levels.
Check it out here: Wednesday Night Social Ultimate

Advanced Ultimate: If you've been playing a good while and enjoy a faster paced and little more intense game, this league is for you.  It's a smaller league than the social one and you get a 2 hour game slot for more burn. Players are responsible for their own team jerseys or colours.
Check it out here: Monday Night Advanced Ultimate

Thank you everyone for participating in our 18th Snowplate Tournament!

With all the action this weekend, we don't blame you if you missed out on some of the photos, news covereage, results and more.  We've therefore distilled it down into it's own page here on our website so it may live on forever in cyberspace.
Now HERE is that small corner of cyberspace for you.

Check out the Snowplate coverage at the 12:58 mark!

CTV Video here.

Snowplate 2015 157

Check out pictures from Snowplate 2015 HERE!

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It's that time! Registration is now open for the snowiest ultimate of the year! Grab your disc and your woolies and come out on Feb 28 - Mar 1. Time to take the game back outside,  where you can layout every point and not worry about turf burn? Take advantage of the opportunity to land into 4' of fluff!

Register Here!